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Your investment towards a bathroom renovation is dependent on a lot of different factors. We cannot give you an exact cost online, however we can provide you with a ball park idea to allow you to get an understanding of the kind of costs that are involved in a bathroom renovation.

The vast majority of bathroom renovations in Canberra range between $15,000 - $25,000.
Within that range the majority will end up being between $15,000 - $22,000.

As a simple guide we have separated renovations into three categories:

  1. A face lift type of renovation, where the existing bathroom layout stays the same and is basically stripped out, new tiles and fittings are installed to replace the existing. This type of bathroom renovation will be at the lower end of the scale.
  2. A renovation that requires some relocating of fixtures and fittings, some additional comfort features, a few extras that will set your bathroom apart or make it more user friendly. This kind of bathroom renovation might be towards the middle to upper end of the range.
  3. The third type of renovation might be more involved, it may require asbestos removal, relocation of drainage, adding or removing walls, ACTPLA submissions, inspections, drainage plans etc. If your renovation requires a number of the these extras, then the cost is likely to creep towards the higher end of the scale or above.

As mentioned above there are a lot of different factors that may vary the cost of a bathroom renovation.  Even though there are a lot of similarities, every bathroom renovation is a little different.

We are always happy to come out to meet you and discuss your individual needs and requirements. We will then provide you a more personal quote for your particular renovation.  

Although we have outlined ball park costs as a guide we are always happy to try and work with you and within your individual budget.

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