"Let us enhance the appearance of your bathroom
and add value to your home"

The Process

demolition work

Renovating your bathroom is a great investment in your home that provides immediate benefit to your lifestyle.  Here you will find out how you can renovate your bathroom so that it becomes a stunning new feature in your home. At Creating Impressions Bathroom Renovations Canberra we’ve renovated hundreds of bathrooms across Canberra and surrounding regions so please read on to see how we can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home.

At Creating Impressions we strive to make the whole process of renovating your bathroom exciting and rewarding.  No doubt you have heard of bathroom renovation disasters which took forever to complete, constant arguments with trades people about the quality of their workmanship, and prices that kept escalating.  You won’t get this at Creating Impressions Bathroom Renovations Canberra.

Let me explain why...

The process of renovating your bathroom begins with a "FREE on site Bathroom Renovation Consultation".

We like to see your existing bathroom and discuss with you, your ideas and options about all the features you would like to include. We listen carefully to you to understand your tastes and your budget for your bathroom renovation. Importantly, we draw upon over 25 years combined experience and all our expertise to create the bathroom that ticks all the boxes. We have a vast knowledge on what you can and can’t do, which is a major factor when considering changes to your bathroom.

We give you practical advice on the types of fixtures and fittings which will work well in your bathroom, including the types of bathroom furniture such as vanities, cabinets, mirrors and so forth that will make your bathroom look great. Every aspect of your bathroom is discussed with you – it’s your bathroom!

The style of your bathroom is very important and is affected greatly by the fittings and tiles you choose. We can provide ideas on the features and borders you can use to create a stunning bathroom which compliments and adds tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home.

What's Your Budget?

Bathroom renovations in Canberra can vary greatly in price, depending on the size of the room, amount of tiling involved, how much plumbing is required and of course what type of fittings you choose. We understand that everyone’s budget is different. We will discuss this aspect of the project with you so that you can get an understanding of what can be done with different budget options.

We know that this may be the first time you have renovated and it can be difficult to get an understanding of costs. We are very experienced and can help you greatly in understanding what can be done with the budget you have available.


After the initial measure and consultation, we will often be able to give you some idea on price, however, it is usually necessary to return to the office for further cost checks, so that we give you a more accurate indication and in this case we will either post or email the quotation to you. Either way within a few days you will have all you need to make your decision.


Upon acceptance of your quotation we will discuss possible starting dates, and give you any further advice you require in choosing your fixtures and fittings.


work underway

Within a few weeks the "FUN" will begin –

  • STAGE 1 - will involve disconnecting existing plumbing and any electricals. The room will be dismantled, all fitting taken out, tiles removed from floor and walls etc.
  • STAGE 2 - the licensed plumber will run all his pipe work for the new fittings. The licenced electrician will complete his prewiring for electricals
  • STAGE 3 - walls will be relined and floors will be screeded or leveled
  • STAGE 4 - hobs, bath frames and walls built, plus any other construction work required
  • STAGE 5 - Water proofing etc
  • STAGE 6 - Tiling and grouting
  • STAGE 7 - Reconnection of plumbing & electrical
  • STAGE 8 - Plastering and painting if required
  • STAGE 9 - Fitting of all fixtures and final clean
  • STAGE 10 - Shower screen and mirrors measured and fitted by a glazier

The above schedule is a guide for the average size bathroom but of course things may vary with each individual project.


Your bathroom is now complete – it is beautiful, practical and luxurious and you can’t wait to show it off to your friends! You will appreciate your new bathroom every day for years to come.


  • Our tradespeople are very neat and always clean up at the end of each day, we place a mini skip on site so all rubble & rubbish is taken care of.
  • Unavoidably dust is a part of any renovation but we keep it to a minimum – we place drop sheets on the floor and take great care when working in your home.


cleaning up

  • Our mission is to create the best possible bathroom for you.
  • Deliver on time in accordance with your requirements
  • Communicate with you keeping you in the "loop" at all times
  • In the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to our workmanship, we will rectify that problem at no cost to you.
  • We want you to be thrilled with your new bathroom and we want you to tell your friends about it.


If you would like to talk further with Creating Impressions Bathroom Renovations Canberra to find out what’s involved in renovating your bathroom then please send us an email, fill in our Book a quote form or phone us on 0418 639 979 to discuss your bathroom renovation requirements.